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Music has evolved throughout the years. People affect music and music affects people. It has the power to change people’s mood. Most of the songs are connected to a story which bring out people’s emotions. Is music that important in our every day life?

Some times we listen to music in order to  relax. Every day we put so much pressure on ourselves without even understanding it. Music is a beautiful escape for the hectic life that we all live nowadays. We are constantly running through the noisy cities trying to finish as mush work as possible. It is nice to relax sometimes, to just lay on the couch and listen to your favorite music. Music allows us to calm both our mind and body. Music can help us concentrate. It may sounds weird but it is actually true. If you are out of the house and you are trying to read in a crowded place you may need your headphones. What I mean is that music distract us form background noises. Isn’t it that funny? If people around you are talking too loud or cars keep passing and you find it hard to concentrate music is the solution.

In addition to this,  music with a quick tempo has the ability to make us feel happier. It makes you want to just get up and start dancing. This kind of music can also help us exercise. Its quick tempo gives us the right boost to start running or cycling or whatever exercise we choose to undertake. Sometimes the lyrics of the songs can inspire you. Have you ever listen to a song which describes exactly how you feel? Some songs tell a story though their lyrics which can motivate you. They offer you the ability to express yourself through their lyrics.

Taking everything into consideration, music has always been a significant part of our lives. Obviously the preference in music is subjective but no one can deny its great contribution in our lives.

Stay positive.

A song suggestion-Justin Timberlake


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