Don’t change your goal

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There are some days that really challenge your patience. You try not to let these obstacles ruin your whole day. You try to let them go, to shake them off  but you find it really hard. Everything seems out of control and hard to reach. You really have no strength left to deal with them.

Every day we wake up and try to follow the schedule we organized the day before. But the truth is things don’t always go as planned. Most of these times, we get frustrated trying too hard to make them go as we wanted. If you have a goal that seems impossible to reach with your plan, “don’t change the goal, change the plan”. I know it is hard to start all over again but it is worth trying.

If you focused on the negative parts, instead of the positive ones, you will feel so defeated that you won’t be able to overcome the problem. Don’t give up, sometimes you need to try more than once to make something work. Tomorrow is a new day. Don’t let the previous day define the following one. Remember you can’t control everything, but you can control your effort and your attitude. Don’t focus on the things that you can’t do but focus on the things you can.

Stay positive.


Things to do when you are bored!!

There are some days that I really don’t know how to spend my time. Most of these times I end up in front of a TV screen zapping from one channel to another. Before I realize it, it’s 11 p.m. and I haven’t done anything productive. Actually I haven’t done anything! Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

Well, if you have..firstly, I know the feeling! Secondly, here are some tips that might come in handy.

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Watch a movie. Make popcorn and invite some friends. You can watch the movie online or you can go to the cinema. If you want something different you can organize an outdoor cinema. There are a great variety of movies out there, from comedies to actions, just choose one you like.


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Go for a walk. It is a great opportunity to exercise too. If you don’t like walking alone you may want to ask some friend to join you. If it’s a sunny day, why waste it in front of a screen?


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Read a book. There are millions of books out there, find some you may like and start reading! Books help us escape from our daily routine. They make us travel all around the world without even getting out of the house.


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Bake or cook. Find some great recipes online and try them out. If you are now learning the art of cooking try with easy ones. The beauty in cooking is that it helps you spend time and have a delicious meal at the end!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it makes you happy. If you are bored don’t sit there and think how bored you are, find something to do. From relaxing to exercising the possibilities are endless.

Stay positive.